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Military Operations at Cabul: Which Ended in the Retreat and Destruction of the British Army, January, 1842 with a Journal of Imprisonment in Afghanistan

Vincent Eyre
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In 1939, the British having driven into exile, the reigning Amir Dost Muhammad Khan, imposed Shah Shuja on the people who never liked him. In 1941 the Afghans revolted against the British high handedness and attacked the British Garrisons. Within a matter of days, many of the British were murdered and the remaining were forced to retreat to India. On their way back, majority of them were either killed or were taken prisoners.

One of the prisoners was Lieutenant Vincent Eyre. In this book he describes the events which lead to the total destruction of the British Army and his experiences as a prisoner of the Afghans. It is a remarkable account of the Cabul disaster by an eye witness

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