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Gemstones of Afghanistan

Gary Bowersox & Bonita Chamberlin
Published Date:
Paperback 220
10.6" x 8.6" x 0.8"
Shipping Weight:
2 pounds
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US$ 35
Afs. 2275
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GEMSTONES OF AFGHANISTAN is the first comprehensive, fully-documented book on the geology, history, and lore of the gems and minerals of this war-ravaged crossroads between the Near East and the Far East. GEMSTONES OF AFGHANISTAN features stunning color photographs, original maps, and geographic coordinates of significant mines.

In their handsome and richly illustrated volume directed to gemologists and serious gem collectors, Bowersox and Chamberlin explore the beauty and history of Afghanistan's gemstones, and describe mines, deposits, and occurrences. The authors, professional gem hunters with expensive experience in Afghanistan, write very well in a lively style that blends factual objectivity with appropriate personal narrative. The text opens with geographic and geological perspective and a related historical sketch of Afghanistan. The heart of the book deals with lapis lazuli, the most widely prized of Afghan gems, with Afghan varieties of ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, and aquamarine, and with the deposits of emerald and kunzite. Each gemstone is discussed with its legends and lore, locations and geology, methods of mining and productions, and a concise description of physical properties. A closing chapter provides a short summary of Afghanistan's mineral deposits and economic development potential. Appendixes furnish the geographic coordinates of Afghan mineral occurrences, the properties of gemstones, and a glossary of gemological terms. Chapter-end references and suggested readings. A topically and geographically specialized book recommended for libraries maintaining a reference section on gemstones and gem collecting.

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