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The Silenced Cry

Ana Tortajada
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In 2000, Spanish journalist Tortajada and two companions set out to see for themselves the effects the Taliban had on Afghan women's lives. This account of the three weeks they spent among Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan, on the way to Afghanistan and the four days they spent in Kabul captures intimate moments, conveying not just suffering and pain but also joy and beauty. With a composed tone, Tortajada allows readers to find their own rage. They'll transcend their status as mere observers of burkas to become uncomfortable wearers. Closer in spirit to a series of letters than a diary, this work covers such diverse subjects as wedding customs, governance in the camps, rug weaving, medical crises, the activities of women's groups and the neglect of international agencies. Tortajada makes vivid a world that offers Internet cafes but lacks running water. Guides and guards merge in this place where the harrowing legacy and overshadowing power of the Taliban touches everything. Although Kabul may have changed since September 11 and American intervention, the Taliban have not. Tortajada's denunciation of it is still timely and pressing.

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