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Music in Nuristan: Traditional Music from Afghanistan

Christer Irgens-Moller
Published Date:
Hardcover 221
11.6" x 8.1" x 1.1"
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3 pounds
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This title contains a book & 3 CDs. It is based on recordings made by the anthropologist Lennart Edelberg on expeditions to Nuristan from 1953 to 1955. The original music of Nuristan which is in the Eastern part of Afghanistan was rooted in animistic religion and quite unique in a Central Asian context. The rhythmic, polyphone song is based on the clash of clusters of notes as well as the four string harp, the wadzh. The animistic religion disappeared with the islamisation in 1895, but the musical tradition survived up until the 1990'ies when Taliban and the Wahhabis moved into Nuristan. This volume includes an introduction to the geography, culture and religion of Nuristan as well as song texts and Edelberg's diary notes. The music of the three valleys Waigal, Parun and Bashgal is described and analysed. It also includes notes for all the recorded music on the 3 CDs.

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