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Embroidery from Afghanistan

Sheila Paine
Published Date:
Paperback 88
8.8" x 8.7" x 0.5"
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14.1 ounces
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US$ 44
Afs. 2860
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Beautiful photos, excellent close-ups of some of the stitches. A good introduction to the garment and textile styles of Afghanistan. However, there is one error. In discussing the Tekke Turkmen woman's cloak (chirpy), Ms. Paine states that a chirpy of dark green fabric is intended for a young girl.

The chirpy is a married woman's garment, the color of which indicates the woman's age. A chirpy of dark green, dark blue, or black cloth, is worn by young married women. A chirpy of yellow cloth is worn by middle aged women, and one of white cloth is worn by women past menopause. See The Arts and Crafts of Turkestan by Johannes Kalter

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