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Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things: An Impossible Journey from Kabul to Chiapas

Gary Geddes
Published Date:
Hardcover 400
8.2" x 5.8" x 1.2"
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12 ounces
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US$ 40
Afs. 2600
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The distance between Kabul, Afghanistan, and Chiapas, Mexico, is 5,000 miles. Geddes undertook a journey between those two points to retrace the voyage of Huishen, a fifth-century Buddhist monk who fled from Kabul to China to escape persecution from the White Huns. Huishen then sailed from China to the Americas in AD 458 and returned in AD 499. Geddes traveled by jets, buses, taxis, pickup trucks, trains, donkeys, camels, ferries, a container ship, and several small river launches through 12 countries, and the 18-month trip took him through war zones, a desert, a jungle, mountain passes, floods, ancient ruins, and muskeg bogs. He met Pakistani dissidents, Tibetan monks, hustlers, sightseers, Afghan refugees, and Buddhist scholars, as well as many working poor people who helped him along the way. Geddes has written and edited 30 books and several literary anthologies, and the richly detailed travel essays gathered here will take readers on an unforgettable journey without ever leaving home.

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