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Horsemen of Afghanistan

Roland & Sabrina Michaud
Published Date:
Hardcover 105
9.2" x 12" x 1"
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US$ 65
Afs. 4225
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Buzkashi is a game played by Afghan horsemen, chiefly to mark a particular occasion the King's birthday, a wedding, a circumcision But is 'game' the right word? It is a ritual, a celebration, a test of courage, strength and skill on the part of both man and horse. It is the culmination of years of training, a symbolic struggle that has all the power of drama and all the heart-stopping excitement of athletic prowess. It is a sport for individuals, not teams. The 'ball' is the headless stuffed body of a goat or calf; among anything from about ten to a limitless number of riders, each man as intent as in battle to seize it and gallop round a distant post and back in triumph to the starting circle. That evening, his fame will begin its journey through tea-houses and villages to the remotest shepherds on the steppes.
Roland and Sabrina Michaud saw their first Buzkashi in 1964 and were hypnotized by it. They determined to make a full photographic record of the game, and over a period of fourteen years they returned in the winter to the icy steppes of Afghan Turkestan, refining their technique, gaining in understanding, and falling more and more under its spell. They came to see the horsemen as archetypes, descendants of Genghis Khan, whose ancestors terrorized the world from China to Hungary heroic figures from an eternal past without parallel in the modern world. Here is the result, a unique picture of primeval contest and a unique work of the photographer's art.

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