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Postage Stamps

Whether you are a stamp collector or wish to send your postcards to families and friends abroad, SHAH M BOOK CO is the place for you to stop by.

We offer a vast range of Afghan Postage Stamp Albums; all organized according to the international catalogs in different sizes and prices

All Albums are sorted according to the Stanley Gibson Stamp Catalogue, These albums may not include stamps which are either unavailable or exceed the prices listed above. Albums priced under US$200 are sorted according to series, such as Tourism, Handicrafts, Transport, Animals, Birds, Women and other special occasions. Orders can be also placed for your desired topic or series.

Along with stamps for collectors, we offer Afghan Postage Stamps for the past 20 years, through which you can send your postcards to your friends & families anywhere in the world within only a number of days.

Destination Afghanis US$
Europe & Asia 50 1
America 75 1.5
Africa & Australia 100 2

For further information & prices of Stamp albums and Postage Stamps please contact us.

Album Size: 33cm / 23cm
Number of Pages: 30
Stamps in Each Page: 40 ±
Total Quantity of Stamps: 1,200 ±
Time Frame: 1880-2007
Price: US$888.00

Album Size: 28cm / 20cm
Number of Pages: 12
Stamps in Each Page: 30 ±
Total Quantity of Stamps: 350 ±
Price: US$152.00