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    نگاهی به قانون اساسی گروه طالبان

    Title Translation: A Review of The Taliban`s Constitution

    Author: Zekria Asoli – زکریا اصولی
    Binding: Paperback – قطع و نوع جلد کاغذی   
    Published Year: 1401/2022-سال چاپ
    Pages: 524-تعداد صفحات
    Language: Persian -به زبان فارسی

    مولانا عبیدالله سندهی کی سرگزشت کابل

    Title Translation:  Mawlana Ubayd Allah Sindhi`s Mission to Afghanistan and Soviet Russia

    Author: Maulana Abdullah Laghari, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan- مولانا عبدالله لغاری، داکتر غلام مصطفی خان
    Binding: Paperback – قطع و نوع جلد کاغذی
    Published Year:
    1396/2017– سال چاپ
    Pages: 292 – تعداد صفحات
    Language: Urdu –  به زبان اردو

    An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul: And Its Dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India

    Be The First to Review This Book

    Author: Mountstuart Elphinstone, Alfred Janata
    Binding: Hardback, 718 Pages
    Published Year: 1969
    Language: English

    Afghanistan During Democracy and Republic 1963-1978

    Be The First to Review This Book

    Author: Abdul Ghaffar Farahi, Juma Khan Sufi
    Binding: Paperback, 286 Pages
    Published Year: 2004

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