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  • Afghanistan Country Review – 2017 (PDF)


    This Country Review is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject matter covered. It is sold with…

  • Drugs in Afghanistan: Opium, Outlaws and Scorpion Tales (PDF)


    Afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium and heroin. This book explores the devastating impact that the drugs trade…

  • Afghanistan, 1979-2009: In the Grip of Conflict (PDF)


    The 53 essays contained in this edition revisit the tortured path that Afghanistan has followed over the past three decades.…

  • Afghanistan: The Uncertain Impact of a Year of Transition (PDF)


    This report updates those reports to both cover all of 2015 and include a wide range of additional indicators. It…

  • Afghanistan Mortality Survey 2010 (PDF)


    This report presents findings of the Afghanistan Mortality Survey (AMS) 2010 which was carried out by the Afghan Public Health…



    From the Introduction: "My objective in this work is to provide an anthopo1ogica1 analysis of the historical processes through which…

  • Afghanistan Migration Profile (PDF)


    The present Afghanistan Migration Profile is a tool to be used to enhance policy coherence, evidence-based policymaking and the mainstreaming…



    On the occasion of President Karzaï’s visit to UNESCO Headquarters in the spring of 2002, a few months after he…

  • Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan: Proceedings of The International Conference Held at Kabul University, November 2014 (PDF)


    Author: Gil J. Stein, Michael T. Fisher, Abdul Hafiz Latify Edited By: Najibullah Popal, Nancy Hatch Dupree ISBN: 9781614910411 Published Year: 2017 File Size/Format:…

  • د افغان تراژیدي د روسي تجاوز زیږنده د لومړی لاس رښتنی اسناد


    Author: General Abdul Qadir-متقاعد جنرال عبدالقادر Published Year: 2018 File Size/Format: 4.51 MB (4,730,880 bytes) (PDF) No. of Pages: 400 Language: Pashto-Dari…

  • راهنمای قطغن و بدخشان: یعنی ملخص سفرنانه سنه ۱۳۰۱ ش هــ سپهه سالار غازی سردار محمد نادر خان وزیر حربیه، راه های قطغن و بدخشان


    Author: Mawlavi Burhanuddin Khan Kushkaki Published Year: 1303 File Size/Format: 40.8 MB (42,819,584 bytes) (PDF) No. of Pages: 500 Language: Dari "Persian"

  • Commercial Code of The Republic of Afghanistan 1955 (PDF)


    By: Elite Legal Services Ltd, Afghanistan Legal Education Project, Erik Jensen Published Year: 2014 File Size/Format: 688 KB (704,512 bytes) (PDF) No.…