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  • The Impact of Afghan Transit Trade on NWFP`S Economy


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: Dr. Sayed Waqar Hussain, Alauddin Masood Binding: Hardback, 300 Pages Published Year:…

  • Trust is the Coin of the Realm: Lessons from the Money Men in Afghanistan


    Trust is the Coin of the Realm shines a rare light into the labyrinth of Afghanistan's 'money men' and their influential…

  • When to Rob a Bank: A Rogue Economist’s Guide to the World


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner ISBN: 9780141980966 Binding: Hardback, 400, Pages…

  • A Call for Judgment: Sensible Finance for a Dynamic Economy


    Our prosperity requires the enterprise of innumerable individuals and businesses who exercise their imagination and judgment-and bear responsibility for outcomes.…

  • Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion


    ECONOMIST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2016 'A deeply original and illuminating account of Marx's journey through the intellectual history of…

  • Fundamentals of Islamic Economics and Finance


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: Hafiz Muhammad Yasin, Atiq-Uz-Zafar Khan ISBN: 9789694481098 Binding: Paperback, 576, Pages Published…

  • Heaven’s Bankers Inside the Hidden World of Islamic Finance


    A trillion dollar financial industry is revolutionizing the global economy. Governments and corporations across the Islamic world are increasingly turning…

  • Our Economics, Iqtisaduna


    اقتصادنا، اقتصاد ما مولف: محمد باقر الصدر Author: Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr Binding: Paperback, 968, Pages   Published Year: 1994 Language:…

  • فرهنگ اصطلاحات مالی و سرمایه گذاری انگلیسی فارسی


    Title Translation:  A Dictionary of Finance and Investment English Persian Author: Abdollah Kowsari- حجت الله بشارت Binding: Hardback- قطع و…