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  • Afghanistan: The Land that Was


    Contains images of pre-civil war Afghanistan as taken by two western photographers between 1964 and 1978, complemented by text that…

  • Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: An Afghan Trail from Jihad to Terrorism


    On the life and activities of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, b. 1948, leader of the Islamic Party (Hizb-i Islami) of Afghanistan. Author:…

  • A to Z of Jehadi Organizations in Pakistan


    Pakistanis usually get the Jehad and religious information wrong because they have no referential source from where to confirm initial…

  • Taliban (Portraits)


    Days after the Taliban had fled the city of Kandahar, the Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak discovered portraits of men in…

  • Afghan Food and Cookery: Noshe Djan


    This cookbook includes over 100 recipes, all adapted for the North American kitchen, for favorites like "Mantu" (Pasta filled with…

  • An Historical Guide to Afghanistan


    A travel guide to the country with lots of historical and archaelogical information. Author: Nancy Hatch Dupree Binding: Hardback, 506…

  • Afghanistan’s Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban


    This book provides the first overview of the history and development of Islam in Afghanistan. Written by leading international experts,…

  • Once upon a Time there was a Bookseller in Kabul


    "This is a rare glimpse into Afghanistan from an Afghan viewpoint - from a writer who fought back after his…

  • The Last Warlord: The Life and Legend of Dostum, the Afghan Warrior Who Led US Special Forces to Topple the Taliban Regime


    The Last Warlord tells the spellbinding story of the legendary Afghan warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum, a larger-than-life figure who guided…

  • Doomed in Afghanistan: A UN Officer’s Memoir of the Fall of Kabul and Najibullah’s Failed Escape, 1992


    To understand more deeply the tragic events of September 11, 2001, it is critical to know Afghanistan’s recent and turbulent…

  • Afghanistan Over a Cup of Tea: 46 Chronicles By Nancy Hatch Dupree



  • The Pathans: 550 BC – AD 1957


    This is the foremost work on the social and political history of the Pathans, from 550 BC to AD 1957.…

  • The Hazaras of Afghanistan: An Historical, Cultural, Economic and Political Study


    This is a study of the second largest but least well-known ethnic group in Afghanistan. Largely Shi'a by religion and…

  • Tajiks (Pre-Historic to Pre-Modern Times) 2 Vol. Set


    This work is the English version, published for the first time, of the 2nd edition of two volume magnum opus…

  • Afghan Cookbook


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: Seema Nezam, Massoud Nezam, Yuliya Solovey ISBN: 9789936100749 Binding: Paperback, 54 Pages…

  • What`s Cooking in Kabul


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: Lina Hamadeh Banerjee ISBN: 8170172365 Binding: Paperback, 220 Pages Published Year: 1988

  • Award Winning Low Fat Afghani Cooking


    From the founder of one of America's premier Afghanistan restaurants comes a collection of the most delicious Afghani delights this…

  • Afghan Cookery: An Afghan Recipe Book


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: Doris McKeller, Betty Krausman Binding: Paperback, 94 Pages Published Year: 1995

  • A Taste of Afghanistan: Stories, Recipes, Poems, Interviews and Cultural Beliefs


    "..the..meaning of the word 'afghan' refers to the spiritual station of the soul, characterized by the one who has achieved…

  • Abdul Ghaffar Khan Pushtunistan and Afghanistan


    Be The First to Review This Book Author: S. Fida Yunas Binding: Paperback, 114 Pages Published Year: 2003