Афганистан Таины Дипломатии, История В3аимоотношении Сша И Афганистана 1919-1955, Russian Edition


Title Translation: Afghanistan Secrets of Diplomacy, History of Relations Between the United States and Afghanistan 1919-1955

Author: Г. П. Ежов, П. Ф. Кирпенко
ISBN: 9785227038470
Binding: Hardback, 448, Pages
Published Year: 2012 – 2021 SHAH M BOOK CO
Language: Russian

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The book traces the U.S. policy toward Afghanistan, both before and after recognition. The main source base for writing work formed the U.S. foreign policy documents published by the end of their privacy, as well as foreign literature on Afghanistan and diplomatic history. Discussed in detail the commitment by Afghanistan to establish and maintain friendly relations with the United States, analyzed, by what methods the U.S. avoided Afghan initiatives shows how growing interest superpower to a small state in the middle of the XX century, as the current economic cooperation. U.S. relations and Afghanistan revealed in close connection with the lighting of global U.S. foreign policy priorities and areas of South Asia to these priorities. The author dwells on the causes of conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which thoroughly investigated the problems caused by living in Pakistan Pashtun tribes. Interest of readers, no doubt, will cause the page, telling us how the emergence of the Soviet-Afghan cooperation, including in the military field, radically changed the views of the U.S. in Afghanistan.

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