A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband, Daniel Pearl


The tragic murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is well known. Why he was in Karachi; how he saw his role as an international journalist: why he was singled out for kidnapping; and where the incredible search effort led – are the subject of Mariane Pearl’s book. A journalist in her own right, Mariane is, as was her husband, profoundly committed to the idea that a more informed public makes for a better world, and to the idea that risks are taken to uncover a story. A superb writer, she presents a truly illuminating tale – including her own crucial role in the investigative team, where she was responsible for negotiating unprecedented cooperation between the FBI and Pakistani intelligence and able to forge alliances with an array of people, from the Karachi chief of police to George Bush. A Mighty Heart is an extraordinary book – a fitting tribute to a dedicated reporter and a profound and heartbreaking love story.

Author: Mariane Pearl, Sarah Crichton
ISBN: 9781844080434
Binding: Paperback, 288, Pages
Published Year: 2003
Language: English

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