A Spy’s Journey: A CIA Memoir


<DIV>For thirty-five years, Floyd Paseman served in the Operations Directorate of the Central Intelligence Agency. From spy in the field to the top ranks of the Company’s career agents, he experienced it all as well as seven different presidential administrations. While Paseman’s account of his long service has enough real-life derring-do to keep the reader engaged, of even greater interest,

Author: Floyd L. Paseman
ISBN: 9788170492818
Binding: Hardback, 316, Pages
Published Year: 2006
Language: English

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however, are Paseman’s observation on politics and the CIA, especially how change of presidential administrations could bring sweeping, and often negative changes to the agency.- Johnson – declined to run for a second full term, broken by Vietnam- Nixon – resigned in disgrace after ending Vietnam and opening relations with China- Ford – never elected caretaker – Carter – hoist on the petard of fundamentalist Islam in Iran- Reagan – first full, two-term president since Eisenhower and declared war on the evil empire and brought the USSR to its knees with the threat of a still fanciful Star Wars- Bush the father – “won” the Cold War as the Soviet Union collapsed and “coalitioned” Saddam out of Iraq- Clinton – leader of the new world order, peace in our time, and dead Rangers in the streets of Mogadishu- Bush the son – 9/11, Afghanistan, and IraqIn March 1967 author Paseman joined the CIA following successful service as an army armor officer in Germany. Highly trained in the Chinese language, most of his service was in the far east. Paseman served as chief of the East Asia division at Langley and was also station chief Germany, considered the agency’s toughest Cold War field posting.About the AuthorFloyd L. Paseman retired from the Central Intelligence Agency in January 2001 after a thirty-five year career in operations. He now lives in southern Virginia outside Williamsburg where he works as an international security consultant.</DIV>

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