Afghanistan A Quarterly Review of Historical Society of Afghanistan, Volume, XIX, Number 3, July-August-September 1964


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By: Historical Society of Afghanistan
Binding: Paperback, 54 Pages
Published Year: 1964
Language: English-French

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Read in This Issue:

1-La Semaine Des Monuments Historiques De L`Afghanistan 12-18 September 1964.
2-Monument De Mundigak, By: J. M. Casal.
3-Les Grandes Periodes de l`histoire de l`Afghanistan d`apreses monuments, By: Charles M. Kieffer.
4-Les Monuments Historiques et nous, By: Erkin Hansen
5-Hashim The Son of Zaid Sarwani, By: Manohar Singh Batra.
6-Influence of Islam on Afghan Culture, By: Prof. Mohammad Ali.
7-Afghanistan as i have known it, By: Prof. Mohammad Ali.
8-Two days in Ghazni, By: Prof. Abdul Aziz.
9-Esquisse d`une biographie de khwaja Abdullah Ansari, By: S. de Laugier de Beaurecueil O.P.

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