Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly (Special Issue on the Occasion of 80th Anniversary of Al-Afghani`s Demise) Vol. 29, No. 4, Mar 1977


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Author: Maliha Fazel Zafar, M. Ashraf Ehsan
Binding: Paperback, 96 Pages
Published Year: 1977
Language: English


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Read in This Issue:

1-Al-Afghani, Afghani as a Pen-Name, Two more Arguments, Asad Abadi, The Book of Mirza Lutfullah, Afghan Tradations about the Lineage of Sayyed`s Ancestors, The Influence of the Family of Sayed Ali Termezi Born 908 H.L, Feudal Chiefs of Kunar from the Family of Sayed  Ali Termezi, Feudal Rivalries and Foundation of Safdari Village, From Asad-Abad Kunar to Asad-Abad Hamadan The Birth Place of Sayyed and its Pashto and Dari Names, Chronology of Sayyed Jalaluddin Afghani, Later Events Regarding Feudal Tribes in Kunar and the Escape of Mohmood Pacha,  By: Prof. A. H. Habibi.
2-Orientalists on Afghani A Methodological Critique, By: Ashraf Ghani.
3-Jamaluddin and Afghanistan, By: S. Q. Rishtya.
4-Some Remarks on the Chronology of the Kushan Empire, By: R. Gunther.
5-The Bactrian Inscriptions at Kara Tepe, By: J. Harmatta.
6-Anglo-Afghan Wars a Select Bibliography (Continued from vol. 29, No. 3 December 1976) By: A. N. Patra.

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