Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly Volume, 30, Number 1, June 1977 (Spring 1356)


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Author: Maliha Fazel Zafar, M. Ashraf Ehsan
Binding: Paperback,
96 Pages
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Language: English


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Read in This Issue:

1-An Analysis of the Centralization of Political Power in Afghanistan in the Reign of Amir Abdal Rahman Khan 1880-1901, By: M. Hasan Kakar, Ph.D.
2-The Cybele Medallion from Ai Khanoum, By: Leyla Pollak.
3-Verbs and Preverbs in the Ayyatkar i Zareran, By: Bo Utas.
4-Notes on Afghan Archaeology, I A Gandaharan Relief from Qarabag-e-Gazni, By: Giovanni Verardi.
5-The Functions of National Languages in Afghanistan, M. Alam Miran Ph.D.
6-The Footprints of  Buddha at the Kabul Museum, By: Haruko Motamedi.
7-Some Vestiges of Buddhist World Outlook in Our Collective Unconsious, By: Dr. Sayd B. Majrooh.

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