Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly, Special Issue on the Occasion of 900th Anniversary of Sanai`s Birth, Volume, 30, Number 2, September 1977, (Summer 1356)


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Author: Mrs. Maliha F. Zafar
Binding: Paperback, 98 Pages
Published Year: 1977
Language: English-French

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Read in This Issue:

1-Sair-ul Ibad Ilal Maad de Sanai de Ghazna, By: Dr. Sayd B. Majrouh.
2- Sair-ol Ibad de Sanai de Ghazna, By: Dr. Sayd B. Majrouh.
3-The Mystics of Afghanistan, The Great Mystict of All Times, By: Dr. Abdul H. Tabibi.
4-Continuity and Change in the Function of Pashtun Intellectuals, By: Ashraf Ghani.
5-Grave 77 at Shar-i-Sokhta, Further Evidence of Technological Specialization in the 3rd Millennium B. C., Marcello Piperno.
6-Kabul During 1585-1707 A.D, By: Hussain Zamir.
7-Reflections on the Progress of Pashto (1747-1928) By: Mir Hussain Shah.
8-An Approach to the Textual Histoey of the Munajat of Khwaja Abdullah Ansari, By: Dr. Boutas, Bo Utas.
9-The Animal Style of the Pottery of Mundigak, By: Leyla B. Pollak.
10- News.

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