Afghanistan Historical and Cultural Quarterly, Vol. 24, No. 1, 1971


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Author: Mohammad Kazem Ahang
Binding: Paperback, 94 Pages
Published Year: 1971
Language: English




Read in This Issue:

1-The Mother of the Dari Language Part 10, By: Prof. A. H. Habibi.
2- The Background and the Beginning of the Afghan Press System: Part Eleven, By: Mohammad Kazem Ahang.
3-The Buddhic Monastery of Fondukistan, By: Haruko Motamedi.
4- The Kuchi Girl, By: A. R. Pazhwak, Nurullah Sahraii.
5-Badi-ud-Din Turku Sistani, By: Nazir Ahmad.
6-The Khosh Tapa Hoard from North Afghanistan, By: Louis Dupree, Philippe Gouin, Najibullah Omer.
7-A Partially Annotated Bibloigraphy of Afghan Linguistics, By: Don L. F. Nilsen, Fazel Nur, Sajida Kamal.
8-The Metropogy of the Indo-Greek Silver Coins, By: A. N. Lahiri.
9-Miot of Miaos, By: B. N. Mukherjee.
10- Was Mahasena A Title of Kanishka I?, By: B. N. Mukherjee.
11- Numismatic Evidence for the Date of Kanishka I?, By: David W. Macdowall.
12-New Books

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