Afghanistan Migration Profile (PDF)


The present Afghanistan Migration Profile is a tool to be used to enhance policy coherence, evidence-based policymaking and the mainstreaming of migration into development planning. It was prepared in consultation with a broad range of government and non-government stakeholders.

Authors: Katrin Marchand, Melissa Siegel, Katie Kuschminder, Nassim Majidi, Michaella Vanore, Carla Buil
Publisher: International Organization for Migration (IOM), 2014
File Size/Format: 3.4 MB / PDF
No. of Pages: 287


The Migration Profile contains a lot of information, which is structured in five main parts: Part A: Afghanistan – A Country in Context, Part B: Migration Trends and Migrant Characteristics, Part C: Impacts of Migration, Part D: Migration Governance and Part E: Key Findings, Policy Implications and Recommendations. The Migration Profile provides:

Background information on the context of Afghanistan in terms of social, economic and environmental trends (Part A).

A comprehensive overview of currently available data on migration trends and migrant characteristics (Part B).

An assessment of the impacts of migration by looking specifically at the linkages between migration and human, social and economic development in the Afghan context. Attention is given to the relationship between migration and the labour market, environment and health (Part C).

A review of the policy, legal and institutional framework within which migration takes place as well as the institutions and organizations that play a key role in migration governance in Afghanistan (Part D).

Conclusions and recommendations based on the findings of the Migration Profile (Part E).

The report is further supplemented by two annexes, which will be made available online. The first one addresses return and circular migration in Afghanistan. The second provides a detailed overview of the Afghan remittances market, impacts and policies.

The presented information and analysis is based on all nationally and internationally available statistical and administrative data, the IS Academy Survey data and evidence from secondary sources as well as legal, regulatory and policy documents.


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