Afghanistan: Mullah, Marx and Mujahid


As a result of the Soviet invasion in December 1989, Afghanistan – a centre for great-power rivalry a century earlier – once more has become an arena for the struggle for domination both among the powers of the region and among the superpowers. Despite the expectations of many that Afghanistan would soon disappear into the Soviet colonial empire after the invasion, the Afghan people have continued to fight against Soviet domination.

Author: Ralph H. Magnus, Eden Naby
Foreword: Dan Rather
ISBN: 0865315132
Binding: Paperback, 290  Pages
Published Year: 1998
Language: English

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This introductory volume on Afghanistan details the factors inherent in the country’s physical situation, human environment and modern history that have led to its contemporary tragedy. Out of this tragedy, out of their national and religious resistance, the country seems to be forging a new definition of nationhood from the mosaic of peoples within its borders. The current conflict has highlighted major strengths of Afghanistan’s national experience (the importance of independence and freedom, a respect for tradition coupled with a desire for progress, and above all a deep faith in God) and major weaknesses, caused by personal rivalries and group conflicts. After assessing the extent to which these strengths and weaknesses affect Afghanistan’s economic, political and cultural reality, the book concludes by considering various possible scenarios for the country’s future.

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