Afghanistan Today, January-February 1988, Number-1


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Author: Mohammad Qabool, A. Shukoor Satarzai
Edited By: Zarina Majid, M. Anwar Safdari
Binding: Paperback, 33 Pages
Published Year: 1988
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-A Landmark in PDPA History.
2-Electricity for People.
3-Friendship Constructs.
4-Cam Means Enjoyment.
5-Badghis Land of Legends.
6- Central Polyclinic free Lunch for All, Kodakestan-Land of Children.
7-The Alchemist`s Stone.
8-Life Dedicated to Art.
9-Preserving Past for Future.
10-Afghan Cinema Past and Present.

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