Allah’s Torch: A Report from Behind the Scenes in Asia’s War on Terror


Indonesia, Southeast Asia — the next front in the war on terrorism maybe the most difficult … and explosive.

Long before September 11, 2001, terrorism’s global elite was already zeroing in on Indonesia — the world’s most populous Islamic nation, and its largest archipelago, where dense jungles and intricate, unpatrolled coastlines conceal almost endless hiding places.

Author: Tracy Dahlby
ISBN: 9780060560904
Binding: Hardback, 320, Pages
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Acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Tracy Dahlby takes us into this dangerous terrain, both before and after 9/11, interweaving the divergent perspectives of Koran-thumping preachers, hardened holy warriors, military commandos, and embattled Muslim moderates, in a first-rate reporting adventure that sheds new light on the epidemic chaos now threatening our international community.

By turns harrowing, thought-provoking, and humorous, Allah’s Torch charts a fascinating course through a sprawling land unknown to most Americans where the home-bred Jemaah Islamiyah, Asia’s answer to Al Qaeda, pursues its deadly ambition of pressing all of Southeast Asia under the yoke of a pure Islamic super-state.

With the trained observer’s eye for detail and veteran newsman’s sense of the story hiddenbehind the headlines, Dahlby gives readers a highly personal tour of the militant Jakarta slums, terrorist-traumatized Bali, and the Islamic heartland on the island of Java, where the outcome of a struggle now raging between moderate Muslims and their extremist brethren for the country’s Islamic soul promises to have far-reaching effects on the lives of ordinary Americans. In so doing, Dahlby maps out the chilling realities of what radical Islam has planned for us as our worlds inevitably collide — and offers some surprising conclusions about how America’s leaders — and its citizens — can best defend our country against Asia’s new Osama bin Ladens.

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