Aryana: Afghanistan Republic, April, 1975


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Author: Azam Rahnaward Zaryab
Binding: Paperback, 34 Pages
Published Year: 1975
Language: English


Read in This Issue:

1-President Daoud Visits India, Bangladesh, and Iraq.
2-Building A Brighter Tomorrow.
3-A Positive Answer to Our Needs.
4-Afghan India Joint Communique, Afghan Bangladesh Joint Communique, Afghan Iraq Joint Communique.
5-Australian Governor General in Kabul.
6-President Daoud Addresses Kandahar Citizens.
7-President Daoud Refutes Bhutto`s Accusations.
8-Afghanistan Recognises PRG OF South Vietnam.
9-Sarian Chak in Afghanistan.
10-Afghanistan, USSR Sign 308 M. Roubles Accord.
11-President Daoud Attennds King Faisal`s Funeral.
12-Mohammad Naim Visits Kuwait, Afghanistan Deeply Concerned Over Arms Ban Lift on Pakistan.
13-Budget for 1354, 56 Per Cent More Than 1353.
14-Amir Khusrau The Son of Balkh.
15-Jangalak Factories on the Way of  Development.
16-Afghan Products Expected to be on Display in Milan.
17-Our Old Singer Dorai.

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