Aryana: Afghanistan Republic, July 17, 1973


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Author: A. A. Deneshyar, Najib, Rahiq
Edited By: Afzal Naseri, Mohammad Moqim
Binding: Paperback, 52  Pages
Published Year: 1973
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-Proclamation of  The Republic.
2-Mohammad Daoud Elected President of State and Prime Minister of Republic of Afghanistan.
3-The President`s Press Conference.
4-Text of  New Khotba Released by council of  Devines.
5-Cabinet Holds First Meeting.
6-Jumhouriat Daily Makes its debut, Aug, 4, 1973.
7- Jumhouriat Popular in Provinces with Reading Public.
8-President Issues Three Decrees on Govt Work.
9-Central Committee Rewards Army Officers, Republic of Afghanistan Issues two Statements.
10-President Decrees Educational Reform.
11-Address to the Nation, Pazhwak Addresses Summit Meeting of  Non-Aligned Nations.
12-Pashtunistan Day Marked throughout Afghanistan Friday .
13-Presidential Envoy Visits USSR, India, New Mosque initiates Republic`s Building Project.
14-Two Afghan Resolutions Adopted, Appointments.
15-From Confession to Suicide.
16-Our Perpetual Revolution, General Abdul Wali`s Court-Martial Begins.
17-Red Crescent week begins with president`s Message.

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