Aryana: Afghanistan Republic, Number-4, July, 1974


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Author: Azam Rahnaward Zaryab
Binding: Paperback, 60 Pages
Published Year: 1974
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-We Must Not Forget the Bitter Lessons of History.
2-President Mohammad Daoud Hoists National Flag of The Republic of Afghanistan.
3-365 Days Aryana Receives Achievements of the Republican Regime in Afghanistan, Since its Estabishment, on July 17, 1973.
4-President Mohammad Daoud Visits U.S.S.R.
5- President Mohammad Daoud Delivers Speech.
6-Afghan Soviet Joint Statement.
7- President Daoud in Tashkent.
8- President Daoud Outlines Afghanistan Stand On Pashtunistan.
9-President Daoud Speaks to Editor of Statesman.
10-Serving Peopl`s Needs Our Prime Objective Says President M. Daoud.
11- President Daoud Receives Provinces Scout Chiefs.
12- President Daoud Receives Teachers` Representatives and Teacher`s Day Message.
13- President Daoud Receives Nangarhar College Graguates.
14-More Families Receive Land.
15- President Daoud Hails Syrian, Israeli Accord on Force Disengagement.
16- President Daoud Speaks to Editor.
17-Mother`s Day Marked in Afghanistan and President Mohammad Daoud`s Mothers` Day Message.
18-forty Hour Week Set for Official Workers of  Nation, Mohtat Expelled from Central Committee Cabinet.
19-Disciplinary Regulations for Police Come into Force, Cabinet Approves Excise Duty Law.
20-New Domestic Foreign Private Investment Law Approved, Criminal Procedural Law Amended to Speed Up Legal Process.
21-Afghanistan Marks 56TH Anniversary of Independence, Presidential Envoy Visits Friendly Countries.
22-Afghan Bulgarian Joint Movie Project Agreement Signed, Afghanistan India Cooperation to Expand
23-Afghan Indian Joint Press Communique, International Labour Day Marked Throughout the Country.
24-Afghan Delegate`s Address at Islamic Meeting, Price Stablisation is a Policy Objective Says Commerce Ministry.
25-Afghan Flag, State Emblem Law, Shebarghan Andkhoi Highway Under Construction.
26-Bhutto Diverts Public Opinion, Says Foreign Ministry, Wali Khan Arrives in Kabul.
27-The National Museum to be built in Kabul, New Excavations Reveal More Cultural Riches in Afghanistan.

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