Aryana: Afghanistan Republic, Volume-1 Number-2 January, 1974


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Author: A. A. Deneshyar
Edited By: Azam Rahnaward Zaryab
Binding: Paperback, 56  Pages
Published Year: 1974
Language: English

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Read in This Issue:

1-Mass Media in the Service of the People.
2-President Daoud Prays for Well-Being of Afghan Nation.
3-President Daoud Addresses Young Officers.
4- President Daoud Expresses Deep Sorrow Over Khan Saheb`s Demise.
5-Supreme Economic Council Formed.
6-President Daoud and Indian Foreign Minister Hold Talks.
7-President Daoud Accepts V. V. Giri`s Invitation to Visit New Delhi.
8-Afghan Indian Press Statement.
9-President Daoud Accepts Credentials of New U.S. Envoy.
10-Nixon Presents Moon Rock Sample to President Daoud.
11-President Daoud`s Human Rights Day Message, GDR Envoy to Kabul Presents Credentials.
12-Afghan Yugoslav Press Statement.
13-President Daoud`s Messages to World Statesmen.
14- President Daoud Receives Messages and Telegrams.
15-Cabinet Approves Minimum Wage for Afghan Workers.
16- Cabinet Approves Plans to Expand Textile Industry.
17- Cabinet Requires Doctors to Run free Clinic Once-a-Week.
18-Future of  Pashtun, Baluch People only Difference with Pak, French Intellectuals Hail Afghan Stance on Pashtunistan.
19-Soviet Embassy Holds Recepion to Mark Oct. Revolution.
20-Indian Artists Perform at Kabul Nendarey, Afghan Tale of Superior Quality Prof. Kayeum.
21-Mines, Industries Minister Visits Nangarhar Tale Mines.
22-Work Begins on Nourestan, Laghman, Sino-Afghan Border Treaty Anniversary Marked.
23-Chinese to Build 250 Bed Hospital in Kandahar, Communications Ministry Opens Postal Museum.
24-Restoration work on 35 Metre Buddha Ends.
25-Afghan Italian Accord on Ghaznavid Era Studies Signed.
26- Restoration of National Archives Building  Beains.
27-Demond for Afghan Carpets up on International Markets.
28-The Haji-i-Peyada Mosque a Treasure in the Mother of Cities.
29-The Horse Thief a Short Story By: Azam Rahnaward Zaryab.
30-What Art Objects can Tourists Purchase in Afghanistan?.

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