Back to the Future, The Khanate of Kalat and the Genesis of Baloch Nationalism 1915-1955


Back to the Future investigates the genesis of Baloch nationalism during the first half of the twentieth century, analyzes the emergence of a Baloch national movement, and sets it in relation to the rise of an Indian and Muslim Indian (Pakistan) national movement in British India during that

Author: Martin Axmann
Published Year:  2008
ISBN: 9780195476453
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 360
Language: English

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The study portrays the decline and disintegration of the Baloch khanate of Kalat during the last decades of British rule, analyzes Kalat’s lack of integration but increasing attachment to British Indian affairs, and summarizes the colonial legacy of Balochistan in respect of political,
administrative, and constitutional development. It investigates the emergence of a royalist movement around the figure of the khan of Kalat, and discusses his attempt to turn back time and revert to Balochistan’s pre-colonial status. The book also probes into the coincident rise of a Baloch
nationalist movement, and analyzes the political and cultural framework of an emerging Baloch national identity. It traces the political demands of Baloch nationalist pioneers, and looks for interrelations with the Muslim nationalist and the Baloch royalist movements. Back to the Future ascertains
the emergence of a Baloch national movement as the outcome of the historical and political circumstances during the British withdrawal from India, and portrays the evolution of Baloch national identity as a reaction to the territorial, political, and cultural inclusion on the side of the All India
Muslim League and the Pakistan movement.

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