Behind Russian Lines: An Afghan Journal


“In the summer of 1982, I took a television team into Afghanistan because I felt the guerrilla war against the Russian occupation was almost totally unreported in the West… The journey back was even more hazardous – it was easily the toughest assignment of my 30 years in journalism.”

Author: Sandy Gall
ISBN: 0283990392
Binding: Hardback, 194 Pages
Published Year:

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In the summer of 1982, Sandy Gall set off for Afghanistan on what turned out to be the hardest assignment of his life. During his career as a reporter he had covered plenty of wars and revolutions before, but he had never been required to walk all the way to an assignment and all the way back again, dodging Russian bombs en route. But this was precisely what happened as he and a television crew walked from Pakistan to the Panjsher Valley-a journey which took two weeks. Their goal was the stronghold of the Resistance leader Masud who, although barely twenty-eight years old, was the best known and most effective of the Afghan guerrillas. In this enthralling book, Sandy Gall recounts his adventures and tells how he emerged at the end of October, exhausted and much thinner but triumphant and full of admiration for the courage of the mujahideen. This is his tribute to those splendid fighters, pitting themselves relentlessly against Soviet might.

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