Charkha and Chip: Rural Industrialisation and Technology


Preface Acknowledgment List of Contributors Policies for Rural Industrialisation. Technological Progress, Peoples Development and Liberalization Technoligy and Human Development and Liberalization Technology and Human Development Notes on Intermediate Technology Indi’s Rural Poverty and Possible Solutions Rural Transformation Through Decentralized Technologies:

Author: Kamal Nayan Kabra, Laxmi Dass
ISBN: 817049088X
Binding: Hardback, 312, Pages
Published Year:

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Empowerment and Participatory Systmes Management Approach for Sustainabel Liveoods Technological Nurseries for Rural Industrialisation and Entrepreneurship Devolopment New Technology Options for Rural Industrialisation Rural Industrialisation-Some New Initiatives Entrepreneurship Development-New Approaches and Opportunities in Rural Setting Women and Appropriate Technologuy in Rural Industrialisation Neem: Its Potential in Pest and Vector Management R and D and Quality Control of KIV Products Potential of Tree Borne Oilseeeds and Strategy to Harness Natural Weath for Generation of Employment and Bulding Nationla Wealth Paper Industry for Rurla Empowerment Appendices Index

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