Gul Pacha Ulfat; Favorite Writings: The Wit and Wisdom of A 20th Century Afghan Pashtun Philosopher


Gul Pacha Ulfat (1909-1977) was a poet, philosopher, politician, and professor. A prolific author, he became one of the leading Pashtun literary figures of the twentieth century. This bilingual book presents one of Ulfat’s most well-loved works comprised of dozens of short stories, essays, and allegories side-by-side in the original Pashto and an English translation. The 21st century brought Afghanistan and Pashtun people into the Western consciousness because of the war in their country. As such, they are usually portrayed in the media as violent aggressors and occasionally as unfortunate victims. Many in the West view Afghans with suspicion, fear or even hatred. Many Pashtuns share these feelings toward the West. If relations between Pashtuns and the West are to improve, both sides must learn to see the humanity they share. This translation is presented in hopes of building that understanding. Extensive footnotes have been included so that someone with little previous exposure to Afghan or Muslim culture can use this book as a comfortable introduction. This book also provides a useful resource for advanced language learners: the side-by-side English/Pashto format allows a learner to compare the two easily. As much of the original phrasing as possible has been retained in this translation so that the reader can see not only what Ulfat says but how he communicates. Many of Ulfat’s writings focus on the relationship between the powerful and the oppressed, and he shows a deep concern for the poor. He encourages young people to seek after learning and knowledge, and he calls people to live their Islamic faith with integrity. He commonly examines the difference between the way things outwardly appear and the inward reality, and he holds out a hope of progress. As a poet and author, many of his writings examine the art of literature itself. Enjoy this insider’s look into the Pashtun heart and mind.

Author: Gul Pacha Ulfat, Travis Wassermann, Bahauddin Baha
ISBN: 9789698343484
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 256
Published Year: 2015
Language: English


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