Gender, Law and Society in Islam


The discourse on gender equality, rights and limits of personal freedom, during the last two decades, has become a global phenomenon. Muslim responses to the contemporary gender debate have been either liberal or conservative and apologetic.

Author: Anis Ahmad
ISBN: 9789694481777
Binding: Hardback, 172, Pages  
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Those who call themselves liberal suggest a revisionist approach in understanding the Qur’an. They try to read in the Qur’an justification for individualism, personal liberty and mathematical equality of women with men.The essays in Gender, Law and Society in Islam are an effort to look critically into the core issues from a Qur’anic viewpoint. The liberal narrative as well as the conventional approaches are reviewed and an alternate ethics-centered theoretical framework is proposed to revisit the issue in the light of Qur’anic concept of equity and fairness.

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