God and Man in the Quran: Semantics of the Quranic Weltanschauung


This Book, Coming the pen of the first serious Japanese Scholar on Islam, Discovers the Substantive Structure of Quranic Teaching in a fourfold Relationship between God and Man, Viz (i) God is the Creator of Man. (ii) He Communicates His Will to man through Revelation (iii) There Subsists a Lord-Servant Relationship between God and Man and (iv) The Concept of God as the God of Goodness and Mercy (for those who are thankful to him) and the God of wrath (for Those who reject him) Dr. Izutsu`s Description of the Historical Evolution of these Concepts in Pre-Islamic Arabia Upto the Appearance of Islam is Quite Rich and Valuable.

Author: Toshihiko Izutsu, Toshiihiko
ISBN: 9694072751
Binding: Hardback, 308 Pages
Published Year: 2002
Language: English

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Combining the Tools and Method of Semantics and the Insight and Vision of true Philosophy, Professor Izutsu has made a Fascinating Excursus into the Islamic World-View as enshrined in the Quran.
Deploying a Wide Range of Material, God and Man in the Quran Presents us with an Inspiring Example of the Thematic Approach to Quranic Exegesis.

Mohamed El-Tahir El-Mesawi.

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