India Vs Pakistan: Why Can`t We Just Be Friends?


What stops India and Pakistan from being friends? In this provocative, deeply analysed book, full of riveting revelations and anecdotes, Husain Haqqani, adviser to four Pakistani prime ministers, looks at the key pressure points in the relationship and argues that Pakistan has a pathological obsession with India, which lies at the heart of the problems between the two countries. About the Author :- A former Pakistani ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani has also been a journalist, academic and advisor to four Pakistani prime ministers, including Benazir Bhutto. He is the author of Pakistan between Mosque and Military and Magnificent Delusions: US, Pakistan and an Epic History of Understanding. He is currently Director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C.

Author: Husain Haqqani
ISBN: 9788193237250

Binding: Paperback, 194 Pages
Published Year: 2016
Language: English


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