Kabulscape May 2014


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By: Afghanistan Times
Binding: Paperback, 20  Pages
Published Year: 2014
Language: English



Read in This Issue:

1- Science and Technology The Flying Car That Could Expedite Commute.
2-Feature Living with Snakes and Scorpions Becomes Passion By: Akhtar M. Nikzad.
3- Business Corner Sheldon Alice Walton Net Worth $35.3 Billion.
4- Fruitarian Health Benefits of  Cherries.
5-Feature Report 70 Percent Capital Residents Deprived of Potable Water By: Abdul Zahoor Qayomi..
6- Fashionmain fashion or passion for something new.
7- Pictures worth  thousands words May in Picture.
8- Movies Review Godzilla Top Hollywood Movies, Top Bollywood Movies.
9- Home and Décor The Principles of Smart Closet Design By: Duo Dickinson.
10-Feature Report Is Air In Kabul Hazardous?  By: Ahmad Siyar Sirat.
11-Sports, Feature Report Will Badminton Always be in the Peripheries By: Akhtar M. Nikzad.
12- Foodies Potato and Minced Beef.

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