Nuclearisation of Divided Nations: Pakistan, India, Koreas


The book aims at understanding why the divided nations like India-Pakistan and two Korea’s are conflict-prone. The book analyses that the possession of nuclear weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in these countries will prove dangerous only in the event of North Korea

Author: Prakash Nanda
ISBN: 9788170491255
Binding: Hardback, 216, Pages
Published Year:


and Pakistan collapsing, thanks to their essentially authoritarian and non-democratic political structures as well as the obsession with the policy of forcibly changing the existing boundaries of South Asia and the Korean peninsula. Indeed, this book shows how non-democratic nations have a natural tendency of not only to threaten the use of the WMD but also to establish linkages among themselves. Accordingly, Nuclearisation Of Divided Nations dwells at length with the growing military collaborations, both overt and covert, between Pakistan and North Korea, with China playing the role of a great facilitator. It is argued in this book that in order to meet the grave challenges arising from the growing alliance of these essentially despotic countries, democracies like India and South Korea should develop stronger affinity between them and involve other democratic countries such as Japan and the United States in the tas

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