On Edge: The Afghan Passage


Quintessentially, On Edge is a work of life changing experiences for the author in Afghanistan, of interaction with real people on the ground, stories of their travails and triumphs. It has been endeavored to project that the situation in Afghanistan is far more substantive than the perceived security-political paradigm; that bodybuilding competitions, music festivals, wedding ceremonies and hamam rituals is the other, unexposed reality of the country.,Above all, it is a very personal piece about the author’s own inner challenges to live new adventures, to acquire new experiences, to understand the context of a country in making after three decades of war, to network, to gather stories, to make memories.,Structurally, the work is interwoven around periodic newsletters providing updates on the evolving situation in Afghanistan.

Author: Sandeep Kumar
ISBN: 9788121210379
Binding: Hardback, 248 Pages
Published Year:

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Against this larger backdrop, are laid out the human element stories encompassing the Afghan actors on the ground, together with the author’s own personal efforts to come to grips with the beauty and pain of the Afghan passage. About The Author:- Sandeep Kumar is an Indian diplomat who has served in China, Vietnam, France, South Africa and Afghanistan. Presently, he is on a short term assignment with the United Nations Development Programme in Afghanistan. This is Kumar’s debut work, complimented with illustrative paintings, also done by him. Contents:- Contents, List of Illustrations 13, Prologue: Starry-eyed 15, 1. Kabul, First Impressions 21, 2. Sinewy Back 27, 3. You are You, I am I 33, 4. Unexcited Heart Beat 39, 5. Kabul, Three Months On 43, 6. O’ Burkhawali! 49, 7. Allah-o-Akbar 55, 8. Bride Price 61, 9. Kabul, Six Months On 67, 10. I am Only a Woman 73, 11. Ferocious Grip 79, 12. Divine Power 83, 13. Kabul, Nine Months On 89, 14. No More Troops! 95, 15. On Edge 101, 16. Pistol Queen 103, 17. Kabul, One Year On 107, 18. Bamiyan Nakedness 113, 19. Just a Knife 119, 20. Kabul, Spring of Hope 123, 21. Partnership for Peace 129, 22. Flex th

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