Pakistan’s Foreign Policy 1947-2005: A Concise History


A history of the country’s international relations from 1947-2005, Pakistan’s Foreign Policy is a narrative of events and a recapitulation of fateful turning points. Aiming to provide objective background to policy decisions, the book also presents assessment of their costs and benefits. By no means an attempt to flaunt a 20-20 hindsight, its principal purpose is to provide insights into constraints and considerations that motivated policies, as perceived at the time and articulated by the decision makers on and off the record.

Author: Abdul Sattar
ISBN: 9780195471670
: Hardback, 344 Pages
Published Year: 2007
Language: English

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The author, with forty years of experience in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, brings to the book knowledge gained from available records and by osmosis from senior colleagues and then as an analyst, contributor and participant in policy decisions. As Foreign Minister he was associated with the reappraisal following 9/11, as Foreign Secretary with the decision to conclude the Geneva Accords in 1988 that provided a fig leaf to the Soviet Union for honorable withdrawal from Afghanistan, and as member of the negotiating group at the Shimla Conference of 1972. Both as a senior official and a two-term Ambassador in New Delhi he participated in efforts for normalization of relations with India.

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