Proceedings of the Third International Hindu Kush Cultural Conference


The volume is a compilation of selected papers presented at the Third International Hindu Kush Cultural Conference held in Chitral town from 26-30 August 1995. The conference was multi-disciplinary, aiming at increasing communication not only among local and international scholars, but also among academic disciplines. The volume emphasizes the geo-political as well as socio-cultural importance of the region and contains valuable recommendations for the future development of the region. The volume focuses on themes such as environmental problems and the need to conserve forests and soil erosion. The potential negative environmental and cultural consequences of development projects have also been discussed, and there are recommendations for development agencies to incorporate a cultural and environmental sensitivity component into their planning process. The volume will help to increase awareness of the fact that the natural/physical environments and cultural environments are intimately related. When the natural environment is degraded, the cultural environment is endangered.

Author: Israruddin
Published Year: -2008
ISBN: 9780195798890
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 560
Language: English


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