Shakespeare My Butt: From Marsupial Elvis to No Place on the Trail of The Pointless Quest


Everyone should have their own specific stupid project sometime in their life. This is the tale of one such project – an odyssey exploring some of the more bizarrely named places in Britain, created by a man who maybe took it to extremes – a serial ‘pointless project’ delinquent. More than just a laugh out loud travelogue, this book charts the highs and lows (mainly lows) of a lifetime of misguided obsession. This is the tale of a marsupial Elvis, an alternative Ten Commandments, stolen inventions, the quest for the perfect dog, biscuits brown, shootings, a monkey being hanged…and much, much more. Whether the hero is corrupting cowgirls in New Orleans, enraging Russians in the Arctic Circle, disobeying orders in Berlin or reinventing legends in Washington – it doesn’t get much better than this. (Unless it’s watching repeats of ‘Sgt Bilko’, with a cup of tea and a packet of chocolate hobnobs). Reviews of the book have compared the style and humour to Bill Bryson, Nick Hornby, Dave Gorman, Ellen De Generes, Billy Connolly and even Sue Townsend’s ‘Adrian Mole’s Diary’. The end result is a book that has its own unique style – humorous, informative, entertaining. Every time you read it, you find something new. I challenge anyone to read this book and not laugh out loud.

Author: John Donoghue
ISBN: 9781904744733
Binding: Paperback, 208, Pages
Published Year: 2005
Language: English

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