Silent Warfare: Managing Nuclear Chemical Biological (WMD) Disasters


Silent Warfare has its origin in a course on intelligence that Mr. Shulsky taught in 1985 as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago?s John M. Olin Center for Inquiry into the Theory and Practice of Democracy. The book was never intended to be an account of a particular country?s intelligence activities in a particular period in history.

Author: Brig Dr. H. Kar
ISBN: 9788170491804
Binding: Hardback, 224, Pages
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While many of the examples found in the book are drawn from the British and American intelligence experiences, they are generally employed to make broader points about basic concepts and issues involved in the practice of intelligence. The passing of the Cold War, the emergence of a new strategic era, and the rise of the information age will, of course, change intelligence practices and requirements to some degree. However, a key thesis of the book is that intelligence is inherently connected to the competition among nations and that absent something akin to Kant?s state of perpetual peace, intelligence will, like diplomacy and military force, remain a regular tool of statecraft. Accordingly, there still is a need for the citizen and serious student alike to understand the basic elements of intelligence as well as new developments in the craft of intelligence, their interactions, and the tensions and relationships between these secret activities and the democratic government and society they are intended to serve. ( Published in Collaboration with Potomac Books, Inc. Formerly Brassey’s, Inc.)

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