The Baloch Conflict With Iran and Pakistan, Aspects of a National Liberation Struggle


Balochistan, the land of the Baloch is a huge land mass stretching from Southeastern Iran to the east bank of River Sindh in Punjab, and from lower reaches of Helmand in Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean. In 1839, the British occupied Balochistan and later it was divided into various parts and half of it was given to Persia.

Author: Naseer Dashti
ISBN: 9781490780931
Binding: Hardback, 326, Pages
Published Year: 2017
Language: English

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In the wake of the British withdrawal from India in 1947, Eastern Balochistan was annexed by Pakistan in 1948. Since then the Baloch have been confronting the religious states of Pakistan and Iran in order to regain their lost sovereignty. The book is the account of this violent and protracted conflict. This book answers some of the pertinent questions regarding historical contexts of Persian and Pakistani state nationalism, evolution of Baloch national struggle, the tale of atrocities and the international perspective regarding the conflict.

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