The Case for An Afghanistan Development Corridor


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Author: Raw Material Group, Damian Brett, Paul Jourdan
Binding: Paperback, 74  Pages
Published Year: 2010
Language: English

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1-Potential DCs in Afghanistan Development Corridors or SDIs.
2-Possible Kabul DC Anchor, 2 Project Hajigak Fe Resource.
3-Iron Ore Prices, Kabul DC Establishment.
4-Possible Future Second Conceptual DC, Sheberghan-Herat-Torbat-Bafiq-Bandar-e-Abbas SDI.
5-Existing Infrastructure, Railways, Ports, Water and Power, Potential Gas-Based Power Station.
6-Afghanistan Development Corridors to Kick-start Growth and Development, The Afghanistan Infrastructure Constraint.
7-Development Corridors DCS, Collective Self Reliance 15.
8-Possible DC Implementation Structure and Processes, DC Capacity, DC Work Flow, DC Identification, DC Operations.
10-A Resource Based Afghanistan Growth and Development Strategy
11-The Current Crisis and the Unerlying Commodities Boom.
12-Resource Endowment Opportunities, Limiting Factors, Resources Governance.
13-Towards a Resource Based Industrialisation and Development Strategy, Population, Resource Linkages, Agriculture Linkages.
14-Conclusions and Recommendations.

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