The Light Garden of the Angel King: Travels in Afghanistan With Bruce Chatwin


From time immemorial, merchants, pilgrims, and invaders from East and West have penetrated the high valleys of Afghanistan. In this resonant account, Peter Levi seeks the clues which each migration left, in the company of the young Bruce Chatwin. Since his journey, Afghanistan has suffered forty years of invasion and civil war, making it all the more poignant to rediscover this highway of archangels/this theatre of heaven/the light garden of the God-forgiven angel King.’

Author: Peter Levi
Published Year: 2000
ISBN: 9781873429358
Pages: 258
Binding: Paperback
Language: English


In 1970, Peter Levi—classical scholar, archaeologist, and poet—set off with Bruce Chatwin in search of the classical heritage of Afghanistan. Greek conquerors, Buddhist monks, Moghul emperors, doomed British soldiers—all have traveled Afghanistan, one of the great crossroads of history. This classic work, written prior to the Soviet invasion, is now reissued with fresh photographs from the Chatwin archives as well as a new introduction in which Peter Levi looks back on a bygone Afghanistan and on his friendship with the young Chatwin.

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Peter Levi


Eland, 2013




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