The Lost Kingdom: Memoir of An Afghan Prince


His Royal Highness Prince Ali Seraj, a member of the royal family of Afghanistan, brings four decades of history to life—from the Cold War era when his famed nightclub in Kabul was a hotspot for global celebrities, jetsetters, and spies, to the communist Soviet takeover that killed members of his family, put a price on Prince Ali’s head, and forced him to make a harrowing escape from his homeland in disguise with his American wife and family.

Author: H. R. H. Prince Ali Seraj of Afghanistan
Binding: Paperback, 208 Pages
Published Year: 2017


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Prince Seraj’s intimate and historic portrait of modern Afghanistan tells the inside story of a proud, ancient culture grappling with a turbulent history of invasion and transformation. His passionate and adventure-filled story opens a new door to understand a nation irrevocably linked to the stability and prosperity of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and to the United States.

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