The Sacred Knowledge of the Higher Functions of the Mind Altaf Al-Quds


Professor Jalbani’s version of this very important work has been admirably presented by David Pendlebury. Its full title may be rendered as “The Divine Favors of the Hidden Faculties of the Soul.”This important document, by one of the more recent great Sufi exponents of the Islamic tradition, is regarded in both East and West as a fundamental text. Of importance to both scholars and devout students, Professor Jalbani’s rendering, excellently presented by David Pendlebury, shows how the 18th-century mystic of Delhi discharges his task. In Waliullah’s own words: “The purpose behind writing this discourse is that only those problems pertaining to perception and the mystical unveiling are mentioned.”

Author: Shah Waliullah of Delhi
Translated By: Professor G. N. Jalbani
Edited By: David Pendlebury
ISBN: 0900860936
Binding: Hardback – 1982
Pages: 112
Language: English

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