The Street Law Handbook: Surviving Sex, Drugs and Petty Crime


Who knew the law could be so much fun?

Can you be arrested for wearing a thong if you’re ugly? Unknowingly renting a house to drug dealers? Becoming too familiar with your Halloween pumpkin?

The Street Law Handbook answers these questions and more, as lawyer Neeraja Viswanathan cracks the tough nut of small-time law enforcement and lays the rules bare. Exactly how much pot do you need to have in your possession to warrant a felony conviction? What merits a strip search, and exactly how much is an officer allowed to inspect? Can you really have sex in a cab?

Author: Neeraja Viswanathan Esq
ISBN: 9781582344911
Binding: Hardback, 240 Pages
Published Year:
Language: English


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If you’ve ever felt the desire to act impulsively but weren’t sure of the consequences, this is the book to consult. Combining straightforward legal information, hilarious true tales of small-time crimes, and handy legal definitions that will, if nothing else, make you a smarter Law & Order viewer, The Street Law Handbook is a fun and informative layman’s guide that puts the ease in legalese.

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