The Writing on the Wall India Checkmates America 2017


This is a book about how India prepared to meet aggression against her by any developed country including the USA. The propensity of the USA to act unilaterally against other countries in disregard of the United Nations was clearly demonstrated in the Iraq War, 2003.

Author: General S. Padmanabhan, Pvsm Avsm Retd
ISBN: 9788170491750
Binding: Hardback, 304, Pages
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It indicated to India that she too could face military action by the USA, under certain circumstances. Such a circumstance, a casus belli, was provided by Pakistan in 2017. A short, sharp war ensued between India and Pakistan. India won a resounding victory. The USA, which had intervened in the war on the side of her ally Pakistan, found herself checkmated by a completely transformed and resilient India. This book is in three parts. The first part covers the 15 years from 1989 to 2003, and deals selectively with how the policy of ‘Pre-emptive Intervention” evolved and how Iraw became its hapless victim. The second part covers the next 15 years from 2003-2017. It is set generally in a South Asian context with the USA, a ‘lodger’ in Pakistan, playing a major role. India has been portrayed as a rapidly developing country having settled its border disputes with China in a spirit of mutual accommodation. A four-sided by India, China, Russia and Vietnam in 2015. The USA was totally unhappy with the formation of this powerful grouping and sought an opportunity to degrade the new formation. Such an opportunity arises in 2017, thanks to the J&k problem. A ‘collision’ occurs between the USA and India with Pakistan also on the scene. The third part deals with the 60 hours the conflict lasted and its surprising conclusion. Peace is fully restored after meetings of the Security Council and various peace makers. The author concludes by making a strong case for strengthening the United Nations and endowing it with the wherewithal to make its writ to run. Failure to do this and more, the author apprehends,will impose on the nations of the nations of the world, a ‘Pax Romana’ or ‘Pax Britannia’.

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