Travels in India: Translated from the Original French Edition of 1676 with a Biographical Sketch of the Author, Notes, Appendices Etc, In Two Volumes, Bound in One


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Author: Jean Baptiste Tavernier
Edited By: V. Ball, William Crooke
ISBN: 8175362065
Binding: Hardback, 492, Pages
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I Can easily believe that those who have previously written on the condition of the Empire of the Great Mogul did not feel themselves called upon to give a full list of all the articles of merchandise which it furnishes to foreigners. This I shall endeavour to do according to the information I have acquired during the long years I have passed in different journeys in these countries. The reader will, without doubt, cheerfully approve of this research which I have made with so much care, particularly if he is connected with commerce, and if he desires to know what art and nature produce that is curious, in different places, in order to subserve the human race. It is necessary to remember here, what I have remarked at the commencement of the first book, touching the weights and measures which are used inIndia, where I have spoken of the maiind and of the seer? It is still necessary to say a word about the cubit.- i In the English translation by John Phillips of 1684, this chapter is numbered x, the two preceding ones having been omitted. VOL. II B The cubit is a measure for all goods which can be measured by the ell, and there are different kinds, as we have different kinds of ells in Europe. It is divided into 24 tassus? and as the greater part of the goods of India are delivered at Surat, there is represented on the margin a figure of the fourth part of a cubit of the town of Surat, divided into six tassus. I ought to commence this list of goods with the most precious of all, namely diamonds and coloured stones ; but, as that subject is somewhat extensive, and is the most…

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